It is every mother’s hope that their child is healthy and stays strong as they grow, and for most parents with access to quality food and water, while there may be concerns about run-of-the-mill childhood diseases, life-threatening malnutrition is usually not a worry for most.

Mrs Awach, a resident in South Sudan, is just such a mother with the same hopes and dreams for her son Nyandik. So when her little boy of 13-months started with diarrhoea, rapidly lost weight and become lethargic and fretful, she knew she needed to find help.

Thankfully Mrs Awach had heard about the JAM treatment centre at a church service and set out the next day to bring her sick little boy to the centre.

On his arrival at the JAM Outpatient Treatment Centre (OTP) for severely acutely malnourished children, Nyandik arm measurements and weight to height proportion indicated severe malnutrition.  The JAM team immediately administered therapeutic foo. Once he was able to eat more than three-quarters of a sachet, the JAM team transitioned him to RUTF (ready-to-use food) – a nutritional formula designed to improve not only the intake of food but also the absorption of food.

In addition to the food, the JAM team spent time educating Mrs Awach about food quality and nutrition, safe drinking water and food preparation and how to feed her family a balanced meal.  Armed with this valuable information, Mrs Awach took a much healthier little Nyandik home.

A week later Mrs Awach returned with Nyandik who, although still lethargic, was beginning to show some signs of improvement.  The JAM team discussed his progress with her and encouraged her to keep up the feeding programme.

A month later, Mrs Awach again returned to the JAM centre to have Nyandik weighed and measured.  A very different little boy arrived at the clinic, 2 kg heavier, and with an additional 2 cm in upper arm circumference, he was full of energy, excitement and sweet babbled words.

Mrs Awach was delighted with the obvious improvement in her son’s health.  “I am very grateful to the JAM team that rescued my child from malnutrition.” As contributors to JAM, your support is the reason that the JAM Outpatient Treatment Centres exists.  You are the reason that Nyandik received the treatment that saved his life. Thank you!

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